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Tutorial Introduction
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This Tutorial is a small summary of the main renal diseases. We will use an ordered approach starting with a description of how renal tissue must be processed. In the next chapters we will see a general introduction on the initial approach to histologic study of renal specimens, basic concepts on kidney pathology and renal syndromes, and normal histology of the kidney. In the other chapters we will see the different glomerulopathies, renal compromise in systemic diseases, tubulointerstitial and vascular diseases, kidney transplantation pathology, and, finally, renal neoplasms. All the chapters constitute a useful text with updated information and a beautiful and productive atlas.

This Tutorial does not try to constitute in an extensive and complete textbook of kidney pathology, but it is only a summary of general concepts and approaches to the diverse renal diagnosis. Although concise, we try to be clear and we will try to present the new, the more relevant, and interesting aspect of each theme. All those that try to deepen more in the matter of this exciting area of the Pathology must search for more complete texts and more rigorous revisions of the Literature.

Permanently we will be reviewing recent articles and the new information that appears in each one of the diseases that affect the kidney to update the chapters and themes.

We invite all the visitors interested to improve this Tutorial to send us commentaries, suggestions, or chapters, themes or images for the atlas; this site and this Tutorial are open to give information and to receive it.

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