Prof. Miguel Builes Marín

in memoriam

(1947 - 2012)



Dr. Builes, a pathologist as few, passed away in April 2012. I had the pleasure of meeting him from my days as an undergraduate at the Faculty of Medicine. He was often found sitting in a chair at the Hospital San Vicente de Paul (Medellin), outdoors, making the digestion after lunch, seeing "move people" (as he said), enjoying the pleasure of seeing the daily life in the midst of the urban landscape, greeting many. Everyone in the Hospital and the Faculty knew him; he was a friend of students, teachers and nonteaching employees; he was always friendly and smiling. He lived most of his life in Bello (Antioquia), where he arrived in the early years from his native Santo Domingo (Antioquia). From the baccalaureate he became part of the University of Antioquia, where he worked until retirement. Since shortly after completing his mandatory year of social service joined to the Department of Pathology as a resident. After linked as a teacher in 1976, completed his training at the National Institute of Cardiology, Mexico (Renal and Cardiovascular Pathology) and the Necker Hospital (Paris), in the latter he had the fortune to study under the tutelage of one of the most renowned pathologists in the world Dr. Renee Habib, from whom gained first-hand the latest knowledge on Nephropathology.

Dr. Builes was in our Department one of the most critical faculty, never accepted concepts without a rigorous analysis, even concepts from global reputable characters. His clarity of concepts and strong character to defend these generated some hostility, but that rather than an obstacle was an encouragement to continue giving his full effort to the University of Antioquia, the only place where he worked, he was not tempted by more profitable work options, only worked in the Department of Pathology. And always defended it tooth and nail, he did not like to be friend with who speak ill of the University or the Department. One of the most important things I learned from him was just that: his love for the University, the Faculty and the Department of Pathology.

All my life I will be grateful to my great teacher, he gave me all he could give me. He wanted his legacy is not lost and he sought who let their knowledge and concepts of life and love for the University. I want to feel that he found. To him all my heart, my energy in the pursuit of knowledge, the defense of our University and the transmission of their heritage. In much of my work is implicit the inheritance from my great teacher.

He did not like their own photos. When looking for a photo of him for this page I noticed this aversion, so the more honest with him is not put it.

Thanks a lot to my great Mentor.


Luis F. Arias, MD., PhD.