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Welcome to our website, a place to enjoy the kidney pathology. We wish to grow with all people that study or work enthusiastically with the kidney. Thank you all for visiting and making this site one of the most recognized in Renal Pathology.

Any commentary, article, text, image, and so on, useful for this Web site is welcome. We would very much appreciate it if you give us your comments, criticism, and suggestions.

Inside this renal pathology website you will find case discussion, literature monitor, links, and a renal pathology textbook and atlas: the "Tutorial", that is being continuously updated and improved. The English version of the Tutorial has now 20 chapters. We invite you to visit this Tutorial and to see the many links to complement the information.

I beg all those that visit this site, that if there be anything in it that pleases them, they thank the authors of the texts that we study, to our colleagues who teach us so much, and to the patients from who we learn. But if there be anything that displeases them, I beg them also to impute it to my incompetence, and not to my will, for gladly would have done everything better than I can (adapted from G. Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales).

These pages are edited in Medellín, Colombia, and this work is a product of PRYT group (Renal and Transplantation Pathology [Patología Renal y de Trasplantes]).







Building of Department of Pathology more than sixty years ago. It is inside of the San Vicente de Paul Universitary Hospital. It is a few different today, but, the same that 65 years ago, it is a great place for diagnosis and investigation. (Photo from our professor Dr. Mario Robledo V.+).

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