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En esta página aparecen artículos relevantes en Patología Renal, Nefrología y afectación renal en enfermedades sistémicas, publicados en los últimos meses.

Aquí aparecerán algunos de los artículos relacionados con estos temas, sin embargo, es imposible abarcarlos todos. Si usted está interesado en literatura actual de un tema específico, le sugerimos consultar otros buscadores (como PubMed)

Javaugue V, Rocha AB, Said SM, Santoriello D, Hou J, Dasari S, Theis JD, Vrana JA, Batal I, Larsen C, Markowitz GS, D'Agati VD, McPhail ED, Leung N, Nasr SH. Clinicopathologic and proteomic characteristics of intratubular cytoplasmic AL amyloidosis. Kidney Int. 2022 Oct;102(4):926-929. [PubMed link]
In this research letter the authors report 21 cases from several centers between 2006 and 2021.

Hattori M, Shirai Y, Kanda S, Ishizuka K, Kaneko N, Ando T, Eguchi M, Miura K. Circulating nephrin autoantibodies and posttransplant recurrence of primary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. Am J Transplant. 2022 Oct;22(10):2478-2480. [PubMed link]
The authors report a case and write that: "our current findings indicate that circulating nephrin autoantibodies detected in plasma from a recurrent patient induce nephrin tyrosine phosphorylation that leads to altered nephrin distribution and podocyte foot process effacement very early after kidney transplantation".

Leenen E, Erger F, Altmüller J, Wenzel A, Thiele H, Harth A, Tschernoster N, Lokhande S, Joerres A, Becker JU, Ekici A, Huettel B, Beck B, Weidemann A. Alport syndrome and autosomal dominant tubulointerstitial kidney disease frequently underlie end-stage renal disease of unknown origin-a single-center analysis. Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2022 Sep 22;37(10):1895-1905. [PubMed link]
The authors recruited 58 individuals with unclear etiology of kidney disease. Mutations in the collagen COL4A genes, and mutations in MUC1 and UMOD were the most frequent among all detected causal variants.

Kawaguchi T, Imasawa T, Kadomura M, Kitamura H, Maruyama S, Ozeki T, Katafuchi R, Oka K, Isaka Y, Yokoyama H, Sugiyama H, Sato H. Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis histologic variants and renal outcomes based on nephrotic syndrome, immunosuppression and proteinuria remission. Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2022 Sept;37(9):1679-1690. [PubMed link]
FSGS variants alone might not have significant impacts on the renal outcome after 5 years, while proteinuria remission could be predictive of improved renal prognosis for any variant.

Martins M, Bridoux F, Goujon JM, Meuleman MS, Ribes D, Rondeau E, Guerry MJ, Delmas Y, Levy B, Ducloux D, Kandel-Aznar C, Le Fur A, Garrouste C, Provot F, Gibier JB, Thervet E, Bruneval P, Rabant M, Karras A, Dragon Durey MA, Fremeaux-Bacchi V, Chauvet S. Complement Activation and Thrombotic Microangiopathy Associated With Monoclonal Gammopathy: A National French Case Series. Am J Kidney Dis. 2022 Sep;80(3):341-352. [PubMed link]
The authors report 24 patients in the French national registry of HUS between 2000 and 2020. The findings suggest that HUS associated with monoclonal immunoglobulin is a complement-mediated disease akin to aHUS.

Luo J, Yuan Y, Tian J, Zhou Z, Su C, Yang F, Wang G. Clinicopathological Characteristics and Outcomes of PLA2R-Associated Membranous Nephropathy in Seropositive Patients Without PLA2R Staining on Kidney Biopsy. Am J Kidney Dis. 2022 Sep;80(3):364-372. [PubMed link]
Among 130 seropositive patients (SAb+) with PLA2R-associated MN, 18 had no deposits of PLA2R antigen in glomerular tissue by immunofluorescence (GAg-). GAg- is independently associated with poor response to treatment and >40% eGFR decrease in seropositive PLA2R-associated MN.

Tang X, VanBeek C, Haas M, Cook HT, Zou J, Yang H, Fogo AB. Cell-Mediated Glomerulonephritis Without Immune Complexes in Native Kidney Biopsies: A Report of 7 Cases. Am J Kidney Dis. 2022 Sep;80(3):416-421. [PubMed link]
The authors propose that this unusual pattern of injury is mediated by abnormal cell-mediated immune response. The underlying causes and pathogenesis of this cell-mediated glomerulonephritis will require further study.

Denic A, Bogojevic M, Mullan AF, Sabov M, Asghar MS, Sethi S, Smith ML, Fervenza FC, Glassock RJ, Hommos MS, Rule AD. Prognostic Implications of a Morphometric Evaluation for Chronic Changes on All Diagnostic Native Kidney Biopsies. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2022 Aug 3;33(10):1927–41. [PubMed link]
Visually estimated scores by pathologists versus morphometry measures for percentages of global glomerulosclerosis, IFTA, and artery luminal stenosis did not substantively differ in predicting outcomes.

Halloran PF, Madill-Thomsen KS, Pon S, Sikosana MLN, Böhmig GA, Bromberg J, Einecke G, Eskandary F, Gupta G, Hidalgo LG, Myslak M, Viklicky O, Perkowska-Ptasinska A; INTERCOMEX Investigators. Molecular diagnosis of ABMR with or without donor-specific antibody in kidney transplant biopsies: Differences in timing and intensity but similar mechanisms and outcomes. Am J Transplant. 2022 Aug;22(8):1976-1991. [PubMed link]
In a population of kidney transplant indication biopsies with a molecular diagnosis of antibody-mediated rejection, those without compared to those with donor-specific antibody typically occur earlier, are less active, and are more often C4d-negative but have similar graft loss risk and, according to genome-wide analyses, involve the same mechanisms.

Nankivell BJ, Shingde M, P'Ng CH. The Pathological and Clinical Diversity of Acute Vascular Rejection in Kidney Transplantation. Transplantation. 2022 Aug 1;106(8):1666-1676. [PubMed link]
A retrospective analysis of clinical and histological phenotypes of vascular rejection (VR) (n = 100) against rejection without arteritis (v0REJ, n = 540) and normal controls (n = 1108). The etiology was "pure" antibody-mediated VR (n = 21), mixed VR (n = 36), and "pure" T cell-mediated VR (n = 43). Isolated VR (n = 34, Banff i < 1 without tubulitis) comprised 24 T cell-mediated VR and 10 antibody-mediated VR, presenting with mild renal dysfunction, minimal Banff acute scores, and better graft survival compared with inflamed VR.

Santoro D, Debiec H, Longhitano E, Torreggiani M, Barreca A, Vegezzi E, Mazzeo A, Russo M, Piccoli GB, Toscano A, Ronco P. Contactin 1, a Potential New Antigen Target in Membranous Nephropathy: A Case Report. Am J Kidney Dis. 2022 Aug;80(2):289-94. [PubMed link].
"Anti-contactin 1 (CNTN1) antibody was detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay at a 1:100 dilution of serum and shown to be mostly of IgG4 subclass by Western blot. CNTN1 antigen was colocalized with IgG4 within immune deposits by confocal microscopy".

Najafian B, Lusco MA, Alpers CE, Fogo AB. Approach to Kidney Biopsy: Core Curriculum 2022. Am J Kidney Dis. 2022 Jul;80(1):119-131. [PubMed link]
The authors first briefly discuss considerations for allocation and processing of kidney biopsies. They then present in outline form the differential diagnoses of a spectrum of patterns of injury and consideration for interpretation of specific lesions.